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Scale image for Splash
To help give an idea of the sizes of each of the actual ORIGINAL paintings, I'm 5'7" and I am scaled next to each painting, as per it's original size.


I love the idea of capturing movement and light and now technology has allowed us to see so much that can be interpreted into colour and shape, light and shadows.
So this painting reflects my fascination of the speed of a splash, its reactions & consequences.
I've found that this painting absorbs all ages (from babies through to elderly and ill) and that their imagination yields all sorts of visualised objects and events so it's great for me to have inspired those thoughts & also the motivation to sit and study my picture!
It was intended to be the 'pair' to Calm Sea.

Oils on Canvas
Original (as opposed to print) £850
1000mm x 800mm [ 3'4" x 2'8" ]

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